Bitcoin Sign-up Bonuses

Many companies offer free bitcoin as a way to get new customers. It really is amazing that the scarcest asset on Earth is being given away freely, but these companies really want your business, and they know they have many competitors that also want your business. The reward amounts vary between companies, but together the bitcoin signup bonuses can really add up.

These signup bonuses are by far the easiest way I’ve found to get a substantial amount of free bitcoin. Stack sats by signing up. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin. Always make sure to read the terms of every reward listed below.


  • Free Bitcoin bonus with referral code
  • Buy bitcoin with no fees
  • Get paid in bitcoin
  • Make Payments in your native currency over the bitcoin network

Sign-up & Earn


  • Free Bitcoin bonus with referral code
  • Trade 70+ cryptocurrencies
  • Earn interest on your holdings
  • Crypto Reward Credit Card

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  • Free 5,000 sats with referral code
  • Spin the Free Bitcoin Wheel every day
  • Receive Gift Cards
  • Bitcoin Rewards Debit Card

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  • Free sign-up bonus which can be used to buy bitcoin

Sign-up & Earn


  • Buy bitcoin & other crypto
  • Buy Stocks & more

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Swan Bitcoin

  • Free Bitcoin bonus with referral code
  • Buy bitcoin with low fees
  • Recurring bitcoin purchases

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BtcNewz - ES Faucets

  • Free 2,500 ES-Coins for sign-up
  • Bitcoin Faucet Every 15 minutes
  • Bitcoin PTC Network
  • Low Withdrawal Limit

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